There are other Automotive parts fabricators and then there is Precision CNC Machining Inc. we are a modern CNC machine shop with a five star reputation to defend with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Below is what makes us the perfect fabricator to partner with in our next big project.

1. Quality

As a high end reputable machine shop, we are a fabrication company that prides in showing samples of our work. Walk into any our shops and our attendants will happily show you samples of works that we have done for previous clients. You can then do your comparison with other fabricators and then make your choice. If you are one who prioritizes quality, then you can trust us to give you top-notch products that meet all quality standards.

2. Dependability and capability

References do not lie. Talk to any of our customers about the quality and precision of our machining Automotive pieces. Also ask them about the perfect repeat ability of our state of the art machines and procedures. What they tell you should give you an indication of what we are all about. Among the core competencies that we are known for is the versatility in our ability to make parts from both plastics and metals. No matter the kind of project you have you will most certainly not be looking for another machine shop, so call us first.

3. Pricing and cost effectiveness

We are all about partnership with our customers and will help any way we can to reduce your costs for manufacturability and effective mass production of the final machine piece. In addition, our ability to do all the machining processes under one roof is bound to save you some cash in the long run. We will also help manage your project so you can achieve your goals easily. We are the economic option yet quality is not compromised, we guarantee to add value to your project.


If you are searching for Automotive firms in Ventura county that will get the job done faster, then look for one that has automated systems. In comparison to the manual systems, the automated ones will also help you to reduce the costs associated with labor as well as help in avoiding repeating the cuts. It is no doubt that how well the final product turns out to be depends on the method of fabrication. We provide the best machining solution near you in terms of the brains and tech.

Well, there you have it. It is now the high time you give us a call so you can add some value to your Automotive project. We value the opportunity and look forward to working with you towards the timely realization of your goals.